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Live Event Support

Live Event Support includes all of the technology and skilled technicians working behind the scenes to make any live event come together. Whether it is as small as a private press conference or as big as Apple’s next product rollout, there is tons of expertise required. Pulling all of the threads together to create one flawless fabric seen by the audience requires the right partner.

Live event production can be anything from a small sound system to a large concert level sound system with projection and camera support. Streamline Audio Visual, Inc. offers a wide variety of technologically advanced equipment that ensures a reliable production for each of our clients. We are able to cover every aspect of a corporate event with items such as:

  • General Sessions
  • Breakout Meeting Rooms
  • Concerts
  • Live Streaming
  • Live IMAG
  • High definition Video Systems
  • Large Format sound systems
  • Rigging and lighting

Streamline is the one stop shop that provides all of the gear necessary to produce a top notch presentation for any occasion. Finding a company that can accomplish this with flawless execution is rare in today’s budget conscious world. There is of course competition, however our advantage lies with our flawless equipment paired with operators who are masters at their trade.